"In The Craft of Piano Tuning, Levitan provides the next textbook
on tuning the modern piano."
"While recent expositions on piano tuning have risked irrelevance or impracticality due to overwrought scientific-technical explanations, these four lectures balance thoroughness with an elegant simplicity of writing which makes this work a new 'must' for those seeking to understand and practice the art of piano tuning."

-- Newsletter of The American Musical Instrument Society, Fall 2012
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"The Craft of Piano Tuning is an excellent, full-bodied exploration of the many elements of piano tuning. Beginners and veterans alike will find much useful material in these pages."
"The unique and interesting material to be found throughout the book makes it a treasure trove for any piano technician."
"...feels like a work of craft itself...will remain in libraries of piano technicians for years to come."

--Piano Technicians Journal, August 2011
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"The book is beautifully produced with very good charts and drawings. The binding is stitched as in quality books of the past, no 'perfect' (glued pages) binding here."
"When asked to review this book, I wondered whether we needed another text on tuning a piano, however, I'm delighted to say that the answer is a resounding yes! Daniel writes clearly and authoritatively about complex aspects of tuning, the diagrams are excellent and the book was a pleasure to read. For someone who has spent years tuning and studying tuning, I still found it very informative and can highly recommend it."

-- Europiano , January, 2012
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